Craftsman Plus Design Challenge

Make a compelling video that expresses each of these characteristics: Adventurousness, Imagination, Passion, Craftsmanship, and Innovation.

File Deliverance:

Screenshots of your progress. (For example, showing meshes, or in the middle of building out a model)

Time Sheet: How long you spent making this

Video Length : 10-15secDimensions: 1280x720

File Format: h.264, under 20mb

Password: Bridges




travel, transport, differing landscapes


other worlds, creatures, portals


express through color and lighting


express through design


inventions, affordance, technology, architecture


Transportation through architecture, buildings, camera pans. Traveling through different terrain, coming out of tunnels, into fields, mountains. A play one existing innovation using the imagination, expressing imagination through color and lighting.

Camera leads through older means of transport, rope or wood bridge, into a tunnel that exports the viewer out to nature that is other worldly meeting a portal at it’s end to take them to the unknown. Fade to black and leave for viewers imagination.

Research Facts:

  • Among the oldest ​timber bridges​ is the ​Holzbrücke Rapperswil-Hurden​ crossing upper ​Lake Zürich​ in Switzerland; the prehistoric timber piles discovered to the west of the ​Seedamm​ date back to 1523 BC
  • The 1927 Holland ​Tunnel​ was the ​first​ underwater ​tunnel​ designed for automobiles.


  • Oldest Timber Bridge: ​Holzbrücke Rapperswil-Hurden​ crossing upper ​Lake Zürich​, Switzerland, 1523 BC
  • First Underwater tunnel​: Holland Tunnel under the Hudson River, NYC,​ ​1927
  • Interdimensional Portals:​ Physicists believe our universe may have 10 dimensions. Next mode of transportation?

Process Video

Password: Bridges_Process