Imagine Picasso Process

Imagine Picasso

Exhibit Design

Motion Direction and visual experience design introducing the 2022 immersive experience. Connecting


Motion Direction

For Imagine Picasso’s introductory experience we needed to portray how the life of the artist fed into his work.

To achieve this I provided motion direction, bringing more than 200 works together in one place at one time using multi-channel-projection techniques. From the artist’s studio to the world and back.

Light Drawings

To reproduce the “live” motion of Picasso’s hand drawing with light I traced over archival images in Illustrator. The process was fullfiling and felt like I’d been able to get into the hand and mind of the artist, navigating his path with it’s starts and stops, finding where and when he turned the “light pen” on or off.

Technology Development 

Using Google Collab we trained Ai software on several periods of Picasso’s work. A pitched, yet unrealized interactive called “Celebration of Creativity” places visitors in the paintings of the artist, transforming their image into a painting, in real time. 

Trained on | The Bull, 1945

Trained on | Untitled, 1938

Study on line

Study on surrealism

Atlanta Armory Window Graphics

Production and delivery of a full venue facade takeover.

Photo credit Mandy Rodgers, MKMarketing


The inspirational people that Local Projects got to work intimately with during the whole creative process and production.

Annabelle Mauger

Director, lililililil

Julien Baron

Director, lililililil

Jacob Cohl

Director, S2BN Entertainment

Pascal Bernardin

Production, Encore Productions S.A.S.

Danielle Madeira

Producer, Madeira and Partners, LLC

Local Projects Team

The people I had the fortune of working with and learning from.

Jake Burton

Team Lead

Xtina Latina

Team Lead, Art Direction

Jeanne Angel

Project Management & Production

Kristin Lovejoy

Project Management

Tamar Ziv

Creative Technology

Harry Borrelli

Interactive Design

Nima Vakili

Technical Design

Karen Vanderbilt

Graphic Design

Thao Nguyen

Graphic Design

Rebecca Friday


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