Signals: How Video Transformed the World Process

Signals: How Video Transformed the World


An unruly art form for an unruly world. Highlighting the topics behind six decades of documenting

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We needed to get across the variety and sheer mass of work held in MoMA’s video archives. I remember as a teen in high school, being shown bits and pieces of this work and how it had an effect on the direction in my life and career. It was such a full circle moment to get my hands on the raw material, understand it in full, and intimately gage what should be paired with what. 

MTA Liveboards

The versions that didn’t make it in


The inspirational people that Local Projects got to work intimately with during the whole creative process and production.

Kevin Ballon

Sr. Graphic Designer

Emily Bahret

Production Assistent

Local Projects Team

The people I had the fortune of working with and learning from.

Kristin Lovejoy

Project Management

Charlotte van den Bosch

Associate Creative Direction

Stephen Baker

Creative Direction

Robert Vinci

Project Management

Will Rhodes

Graphic Design

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